Bronchiolitis be¦übe¦üThe bronchiolitis is a viral and contagious infection that affects the baby lung during the first 2 years of his life, especially from October to March.
It usually starts with a cold, then a wet cough associated with a wheezy breathing.
It spontaneously resolves on its own after 10 days, but in some cases, the baby may benefit from the help of the physiotherapy if she exhibits major difficulty to breath.
I would strongly recommend you to take your baby to your GP if she presents with the association of the following symptoms :
– feeding less than 50%, associated sometimes with vomiting
– not sleeping well
– very irritable or on the contrary lethargic
– wheezing breathing associated with ronchi
– breathing pattern altered with depression below/between the ribs.

Your GP might also prescribe some medication if your baby has fever, diarrhea.
Chest physiotherapy is very helpful to help your baby breath better and recover faster.

What does a chest physiotherapy session consist in?
– cleaning and clearing the upper respiratory tracts (nose and throats)
– manual techniques applied to the chest of your baby, to bring the mucus up from the lower respiratory tract (bronchial tubes)
– provoke cough to bring the mucus out.

As your baby is cleared of the excess of mucus in her lungs, her breathing is facilitated, so she can eat and sleep better again.