Massage femme 5Massage
There are different techniques of massage, for different purposes and results :

Sport massage / remedial massage / swedish massage
This relates to manoeuvres such as effleurages, frictions, compressions, transversal massage applied to the muscles associated or not with range of motions or stretchings. Depending on the manoeuvres used, that will have a relaxing or stimulating effect.

Manual lymphatic drainage
It is a very soft technique involving effleurages and light pressures to stimulate the lymphatic and immune system. It helps bring the extra fluid stored in the tissues back to the main circulation in swelling conditions.
It is indicated after any traumatism or surgery, for heavy legs, in the management of lymphatic disorders.
Skin rolling
Through this technique, the skin is lifted and rolled between the fingers, improving blood circulation and releasing adherent areas. It also helps get rid of fat cells accumulated in the tissues. It is therefore also used in releasing scar tissues following any surgery.