Muskulo skeleton dosMusculo-skeletal physiotherapy embraces the techniques used to restore the original function from one part of the body, be it a joint or a muscle.
It is recommended and very helpful following a surgery, a traumatism (joint sprain, muscle strain, slipped disc…), or any pain due to poor posture.
These techniques encompass :
– joint mobilisation
– stretching
– muscle strengthening/reconditioning exercises
– proprioception
– correction of posture
-manual therapy

Examples of conditions I treat :
rotator cuff injury, shoulder dislocation, shoulder rehab post-surgery, tennis elbow, De quervain syndrome, wiplash, neck pain, disc bulge, sciatica, cruralgia, low back pain, bursitis, ankle sprain, plantar fascitis, sesamoiditis, Achileus tendonitis, ACL/PCL sprain….