Pelvic pain

women's health ge¦üge¦ünriquePelvic pain relates to any pain located within the pelvis area. The causes can vary from muscle/joint issue, nerve problem, to organic or hormonal disorders.

Through very gentle manual therapy techniques, physiotherapy will help reduce the pain by improving blood supply and tissue mobility, in many cases such as :
– musculo-skeletal pain like coccyx pain or hypertonicity of the pelvic-floor and dyspareunia
– organs pain such as endometriosis, painful bladder syndron (PBS), scar tissue pain following episiotomy or caesarian or vaginal/lower abdominal surgery
– nerve pain : pudendal nerve pain radiating down the buttock, the coccygian and pubic area
– hormonal related pain : vulvar pain due to oestrogen deficiency ( vulvodynia)