Post-natal treatment

Womenshealth Pelvix reeducationThis refers to pelvic-floor conditions treatment, abdominal muscles recovery and back pain.

It applies to women presenting with :
– stress urinary incontinence (less commonly fecal incontinence)
– urinary/fecal urgencies
– prolapses (organs descent)
– rectus abdomini diastasis (divarication of these 2 muscles)
– upper and lower back pain
-coccyx pain
– episiotomy/c-section scar pain
-3rd and 4th degree tear

My techniques include :
– visualisation method with or without vaginal probe (stimulation and Biofeedback)
– non pressure generative abdominal exercises program
– exercises inspired ofTupler technique
– exercises based on Pilates principles
– Manual therapy
-soft and deep tissue work (Trigger points release)